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In the children’s home today is about 120 children. Age: from birth to 3.5 – 4 years. Most kids – social orphans (parents refused still in the hospital, the parents in jail, parents are deprived of parental rights). Objectors from the hospital – about 30% of the total.

47 children – disabled with different diseases (Down syndrome, disorders of the nervous system, etc.).

Also have children who, due to illness can not rise, the number – 25 children. All of them need special treatments such as massage, exercise, etc., and special medicines.

Permanent needs:

1) Diapers, and even for those who are older than 2 years (3-4rr);
2) Underwear: shirts / bodykit and panties;
3) Tights, socks;
4) Medications:
– Basic kits for the prevention and treatment of acute respiratory infections and influenza;
– Drops, ointments, plasters, etc. trauma.
5) Nipples, bottles, pads on the bottle;
6) Shampoo, soap.

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